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When most people think of coffee, they imagine grabbing a cup to chug down and fuel for work. And we agree. But coffee is so much more than that for us. Coffee is being three-years-old and sitting on my grandfather's lap while he pours a little of his into a saucer for me. Coffee is conversations about life around wooden tables or sipping with the windows down and the music obnoxiously loud.  When we smell the first whiff of beans brewing, we relax and remember. That's what we desire for our business: for our coffee to be something that brings people together. 

My family and I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2019, and our love for coffee and specialized small batch roasting has ignited many friendships as we have met people in coffee shops all around the Pacific Northwest.  There is an entire culture built around coffee here, from work meetings to live music, art, and friendships, and we want to be part of what breathes that life into our city and cities all across the world.  We believe in creating a quality product that brings people together and upholds the true craft of small-batch roasting. We want you to taste each flavor note and enjoy the rich, smooth aroma with each cup. We want you to have conversation and connection. That's why our motto is "Relax. Drink Coffee." Here's to doing just that. 





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Want a good coffee in your house to make your coffee taste better? With a pour over coffee brewing set-up, you can enjoy freshly ground coffee anytime and anywhere. You don’t need to plug anything in - you just need hot water and ground coffee. There are no electronic parts, no moving parts that break easily, and no hefty maintenance or cleaning costs. Pour over coffee can easily be brewed not just in your home but outside - picnics, camping trip, or the beach. 

Why Small Batch Roasting Matters


Have you ever wondered why you can go to some coffee roasters and their coffee tastes so much better? I did too. As I looked into the why I found out about this thing called Small Batch Coffee Roasting. So I began to look into it and found out there are a few factors that make small-batch coffee roasting better. The first thing is the consistency of the roast.

Due to the high demand for this drink, companies often turn to massive, full-mechanized roasting, which produces more waste, washes away valuable products, and yields random batches with varying qualities. It means you won’t get the best value for your money, even if you buy the coffee at a discounted price. On the other hand, if you opt for small-batch coffee roasters, you can rest assured that your cup of coffee is made of the highest quality beans and has been given the time to develop its rich flavor and smell.

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